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2017 NRW Cup Rd1 – Report

The opening round of the 2017 NRW Cup was held at the high-grip astro turf track of the M.A.C.H.-One Helmond track in the Netherlands with over 90 entries from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. During Saturday’s practice and first qualifier everybody was struggling with the high temperatures of over 30 degree Celsius which made for high traction. On Sunday morning though the drivers were greeted by a wet track and the following two qualifiers would be run in wet conditions. For the finals the track had dried up again and in the premier OR8T “Top” Nitro Buggy class it was Agama’s Bart Mullink who made the best out of the changing conditions as he took the win from the Xray duo of Sander van Genechten and Jarno Pijpers in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The OR8H “Hobby” class was won by Jan Nickels who lead a Mugen 1-2-3 with Thomas Wernich and Markus Bierholz coming in 2nd and 3rd to round out the podium. Finally in the OR8E E-Buggy class it was Colin Meijer who took the win with his Serpent from Kim Einert (Kyosho) 2nd and Andreas Meyer (Mugen) 3rd.

Thanks to John Sniekers for the report.

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Ryan Maifield sweeps JBRL Nitro Series Rd2

The second round of this year’s JBRL Nitro Series was held at Fear Farm R/C Raceway over the weekend. Mugen Seiki’s Ryan Maifield would take a double overall TQ after coming out on top of the Expert Buggy and Open Truggy qualifying. In the 20-minute Expert Buggy A-main Ryan would lay down a pretty dominating performance by winning the race one lap in front of Mugen teammate Adam Drake while Mike Truhe in 3rd made for an all-Mugen podium lock-out. In the Open Truggy main final it was again Ryan Maifield (Mugen) who brought home the silverware by taking the win from TLR’s Tanner Denney 2nd and Tekno pilot Carlos Arredondo 3rd.

Images: Ryan Maifield

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BRCA 1/8 Circuit Nationals Rd3 – Report

Adur Model Car Club was to host the third round of the BRCA 1/8 Circuit National Championship recently. This small tight and technical circuit comes with mixed feelings, some love the challenge of hustling a high powered 1/8 circuit car around this small tight technical track, where as others simply state it is too small. One thing is for certain, a horsepower track this is not. It’s a track where beautifully accurate lines and tentative throttle control translate to lap time. With two classes running in the national series, electric and IC, the section is seeing some of the highest numbers in many years, and drivers from other disciplines are dipping their toes into the full throttle excitement of 1/8 circuit.

In IC for the first three rounds of qualifying Mark Green was to set the pace, shaving tenths of a second off his average lap time each run, it was looking ominous for yet another weekend of Mark Green domination, in the final qualifying run Neal King was the take the one spot, but unfortunately running around 2 tenths of a second off the average lap time of Mark Green’s TQ time, this would only land Neal King in second position for the final.

In the electric class Alex Thurston was the man to beat as per usual with a huge advantage of 0.6 second per lap over his nearest rival, Alex was to qualify a whole lap in front of the rest of the field.

The IC A-final was not to be the walk in the park some had expected for Mark Green as on lap 26 Mark drove his car into the barrier heading onto the straight and retired from the race, it was then up to Tim Wood and David Spashett to fight it out for the win, with them swapping places throughout the final on different fuelling strategies, it would be Tim Wood who took the chequered flag by three seconds after David ran into trouble flaming out during one of his pit stops.

Nitro final results:
1. Tim Wood – Serpent/XRD
2. David Spashett – ARC/ Picco
3. Sam Snell – Mugen/O.S.
4. Neil Diver – ARC/Reds Racing
5. Jack Garrett-Lines – Capricorn/Capricorn
6. Chris Snell – Shepherd/VS Racing
7. Karl Dransfield – Shepherd/Orcan
8. Clive Connolly – Mugen/IDM
9. Mark Green – Serpent/XRD
10.Neal King – Shepherd/XRD

In the electric class Alex Thurston was to dominate the A-final winning by over two laps, lapping the field 0.3 seconds per lap faster than his competitors it looks like it will be a tall order to deny Alex his championship defence this year.

Electric final results:
1. Alex Thurston – Serpent/Hobbywing
2. Gavin Clinch – ARC/Reds Racing
3. Craig Woods – Serpent/Hobbywing
4. Jamie Paton – Serpent/Hobbywing
5. Ian Billett – Serpent/Hobbywing
6. Franck Dambrine – ARC/Corally
7. David Gerard – Serpent/Hobbywing
8. Geraint Williams – ARC/-
9. Paul Bellinger – Serpent/Absima
10.James Ellice – Serpent/Hobbywing

Source: BRCA []

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Juan Carlos Canas wins Spanish Nitro Buggy Nats Rd2

Round 2 of the Spanish Nitro Buggy National Championship was held this past weekend at the Fuencarral track near Madrid. Young Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) would sweep the qualifiers to take the overall TQ from Ignacio Candel (HB Racing) and Oscar Navarro (Mugen). Jose T. Escurdero (Team Associated) came in 4th while record national champion, Robert Batlle (Mugen) suffered a troubled qualifying due to engine problems, meaning he would finish the qualifiers only in 5th place. The main final then was mainly an affair between the Mugen team mates Juan Carlos and Robert but the race was ultimately decided by a controversial referee call that left Robert Batlle with a penalty after what is understood to be some sort of unsafe behaviour in the pit lane. The somewhat confusing situation promoted Juan Carlos Canas into the 1st place with Robert on the runner-up spot. Bryan Baldo (TLR) secured the final podium spot in front of his brother Oscar Baldo (TLR) who had to settle for 4th.

Final results:
1. Juan Carlos Canas – Mugen/Ultimate/Procircuit
2. Robert Batlle – Mugen/Picco/AKA
3. Bryan Baldo – TLR/Picco/AKA
4. Oscar Baldo – TLR/Picco/AKA
5. Joan Espasa – Agama/Reds Racing/6Mik
6. Ignacio Candel – HB Racing/Team Orion/Pro-Line
7. Joao Figueiredo – Kyosho/Team Orion/HotRace Tyres
8. Manu Inesta – Mugen/Ultimate/Procircuit
9. Agustin Illanes – Mugen/Ultimate/Procircuit
10.Borja Hernandez – Agama/Reds Racing/6Mik
11.Jose T. Escudero – Team Associated/O.S./JConcepts
12.Javi Pombo – Mugen/Ultimate/Prociruit

Source: InfoRC []

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Alberto Picco wins 1/8th World Championship warm-up

The warm-up race for this year’s IFMAR 1/8th IC Track World Championship was held in Monteux, France this weekend and it was Mugen’s Robert Pietsch who dominated the qualifying, winning three of the four rounds to grab the overall TQ. On the final day it would be Italy’s veteran racer, Infinity’s Alberto Picco, who would bump-up from his semifinal, allowing him to take a well deserved win some three laps ahead of his long time rival Lamberto Collari (Infinity), with Jerome Papaconstantinos in 3rd and John Ermen (ARC) in 4th.

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Martin Bayer sweeps Czech 1/8th Off-road Nats Rd1

The opening round of the Czech 1/8th Off-road National Championship was held in Kolin. Right from the start Xray’s Martin Bayer looked like the man to beat as he set fast laps right from the practice sessions on. Saturday ad the weather was much colder which resulted in near zero traction but this did not stop Martin from being a league of his own, taking the TQs in both the 1/8th Nitro and E-Buggy classes. Xray team mate Kaja Novotny would line up in 2nd in both classes.

The semi-finals would further cement the performance of Martin and Kaja with both taking the 1-2 spots for the main final. Right from the tone the top 4 would start pulling away from the field until at about the four-minute mark technical issues stopped Kaja’s race for the win. The young man lost two laps but was able to get back into the race while up front Martin laid down a clean run to take the win ahead of Serpent’s Jiri Mar while Milan Mudra (Xray) rounded out the podium result.

1/8th Nitro final results:
1. Martin Bayer – Xray
2. Jiri Mara – Serpent
3. Milan Mudra – Xray
4. Max Gotzl – Xray
5. Kaja Novotny – Xray
6. Petr Klatovsky – SWorkz
7. Jiri Benes – Xray
8. Ondrej Kulhanek – Xray
9. Karel Hajek – Xray
10.Ales Bidovsky – Xray
11.Jan Kapicka – Kyosho
12.Petr Tomasek jun. – Mugen
13.Frantisek Kalenda – Serpent

In the 1/8th E-Buggy finals runner-up after the qualifiers, Kaja Novotny had some tough starts and he had to work his way up again. Martin Bayer though made a clean sweep by winning A1 and A2 to take his second overall win while in A3, that Martin watched from the side line, Jiri Mara and Kaja Novotny had a great fight all the way to the chequered flag. Ultimately Kaja came in 1st, cementing his overall 2nd place from Jiri Mara (Serpent) in 3rd.

1/8th E-Buggy final results:
1. Martin Bayer – Xray
2. Kaja Novotny – Xray
3. Jiri Mara – Serpent
4. Milan Mudra – Xray
5. Max Gotzl – Xray
6. Vaclav Broz – Xray
7. Ales Bidovsky  – Xray
8. Marek Ornst – Mugen
9. Jan Horacek – Kyosho
10.Martin Rytir – Xray
11.Jaroslav Valder – Xray
12.Jiri Benes – Xray

Source: Xray []

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Pro-Line MBX7R Eco Predator body shell

Pro-Line have introduced the Predator buggy body shell for the Mugen MBX7R Eco 1/8th E-Buggy. The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition. The body offers lots of clearance for the batteries while several optional air vent holes keep the electronics running cool. Included with the clear body come window masks and a decal sheet.

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Carsten Keller doubles at German Nats warm-up

The MSC Ober-Mörlen club held their German Nationals warm-up race last weekend and it was Mugen’s Carsten Keller who brought home the TQs and wins in both the 1/8th Nitro and Electric classes. Carsten’s Mugen team mates Jan Sievert and Sebastian Winterstein completed the podium in the Nitro Buggy class.

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Swiss Nitro On-road Nationals Rd2 – Report

The second round of the Swiss Nitro On-road Nationals was held at the Aigen track in changing weather conditions. The event started off on Friday with practice rounds on a sugared track but during the afternoon it started to rain. On Saturday morning the track was still wet but it dried fast, allowing for another 20 minutes of practice to adapt the drivers and cars to the now much lower traction. Unfortunately during qualifying it started to rain again and in the 1/8th class it was Simon Kurzbuch who made the best out of the conditions to take the TQ in front of Hächler and Pesenti.

Hächler, Pesenti, Henzi and Hasler took part to the SuperPole race but unfortunately Hächler couldn’t start because he crashed his car during the final lap. Mattia took the lead until the last minute, when Hasler did three super fast laps in order to be in the A-Main with Kurzbuch.

In the 1/10th Touring class Patrick Fankhauser took the pole position in front of Traugott Schär, Maurice Lüscher, Michael Schäfer und Roger Fasler. Due to the fact that drivers must keep the car they used on the last round, only Schäfer and Schär had the car with dry tyres and so Traugott could take the spot in the A-Main in front of Schäfer.

Sunday was another day with strange weather forecast but luckily the 1/8th final was run on a dry track. Mattia Pesenti started from position number 3 and took the 2nd place behind Kurzbuch already in the first lap, followed by Silvio Hächler but up front Simon was so fast and after 10 minutes he already had 10 seconds gap from Mattia and Silvio. At the third pit stop Mattia made a mistake and lost the 2nd place while Simon had some engine problems at about the 17 minutes mark and he had to stop his race. Silvio decided to change the tyres after 20 minutes and Mattia knew that his car was still very fast with small tires too, so he changed the tyres some 25 minutes into the race. After changing tyres Mattia and Silvio were still in the same lap, but Silvio had a 10 seconds advantage. In the final 10 minutes Mattia pushed the car to the limit, setting a very fast lap of 16.780, only 0.1s from the best lap of Simon Kurzbuch. He tried to push in order to pass Silvio in the last laps but it wasn’t to be. Mattia closed his race in 2nd position only 1 second behind Silvio Hächler.

1/8th final results:
1. Silvio Hächler – ARC
2. Mattia Pesenti – Xray
3. Christopher Biernat – Capricorn
4. Christophe Pethoud – ARC
5. Raphael Roider – ARC
6. Thomas Henzi – Xray
7. Remy Hasler – Mugen
8. Simon Kurzbuch – Shepherd
9. Jürg Nydegger – Shepherd
10.Luca Martinelli – ARC

The 1/10th Touring class started with a wet track due to a shower right before the start. Traugott Schaer decided to start the final with intermediate tyres while almost everybody was running on wet tyres. Schaer was very fast during the first minutes. After 10 minutes he decided to change to dry tires because the track started to dry up and he was aware that he would not be able to end the race on the set of tyres. During the pit stop Traugott lost about four laps due to a mishap. This allowed Kevin Lehnerr in the lead with about 3 laps but Kevin was on wet tyres and in the closing stages he ran out of front tyres which allowed Traugott by to win the race in front of Michael Schäfer and Kevin Lehnerr.

1/10th Touring final results:
1. Traugott Schär
2. Michael Schäfer
3. Kevin Lehnherr
4. Patrick Fankhauser
5. Maurice Lüscher
6. Christian Lehnherr
7. Roger Fasler
8. Patrick Courtet
9. Cédric Ansermoz
10.Donato Larocca

Source: Xray []

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Savvas Savva wins at RCE Championship Rd2

Round 2 of the RCE Championship was held in Nicosia, Cyprus in windy and warm weather conditions. The bumpy high grip track made things interesting on the track and after the qualifiers it was Rafael Panayi who took the TQ with his Xray. Unfortunately in the main final he had to retire due to a servo problem and so it was Xray teammate Savvas Savva who obtained the top spot after the final, leaving Pantelis Makrides (Agama) and Antonis Panayiotou (Kyosho) behind in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Final results:
1. Savvas Savva – Xray
2. Pantelis Makrides – Agama
3. Antonis Panayiotou – Kyosho
4. Philippos Philipou – HongNor
5. Fotis Foti – Mugen
6. Christos Ktenas – Agama
7. Telis Ktenas – Agama
8. Rafael Panayi – Xray
9. Marios Iordanou – TLR
10.Demetris Iaponas – Kyosho

Source: Xray []

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